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Sample Schedules

Traditional Intro Format - No Study Abroad

First Year
Fall: PHY 131, MAT 131
Spring: PHY 132, MAT 133

Second Year
Fall: PHY 232, MAT 215
Spring: PHY 234, MAT 220

Third Year
Fall: PHY 335
Spring: PHY 337

Fourth Year
Fall: Physics Elective
Spring: Physics Elective, PHY 462

Traditional Intro Format - Fall Semester Study Abroad

First Year
Fall: PHY 131, MAT 131
Spring: PHY 132, MAT 133

Physics Research

Faculty Research Interests

  • Robert Cadmus — Optical astronomy, observational studies of semiregular variable stars, stellar spectroscopy and photometry.
  • William Case — Fundamental questions of quantum mechanics; electromagnetic theory; linear and non-linear dynamics of simple mechanical systems.
  • Charlotte Christensen — Evolution of galaxies over the history of the Universe using high-resolution computer simulations.

3-2 Engineering Program

Students planning advanced study in engineering may complete a full B.A. course at Grinnell before graduate school, or they can follow a 3-2 program in Engineering. The 3-2 program allows students to spend three years at Grinnell and two years in one of the engineering programs with which Grinnell cooperates: Columbia University, California Institute of Technology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Washington University. (Special arrangements can sometimes be made with other institutions.) Under normal progress the student receives a B.A.