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This web page lists frequently asked questions related to campus computing, email and issues/procedures specific to faculty members.

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General Questions

I'm experiencing problems with my college-owned computer system. Who can I contact for help? 

Contact Technology Services Desk, 641-269-4901, for answers to your computer related questions. The Technology Services Desk staff can answer questions over the phone, but you may visit us in the South Forum as well. The Technology Services Desk is staffed during the school year from 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday - Friday and after hours accessing the Technology Services Desk through the Digital Liberal Arts Laboratory or submit a question.

I'm experiencing problems with my personal/home-based computer system. Will ITS help me?

ITS generally does not assist campus users with personal computer systems. You may contact B3 Computers at 641-236-9296 with personal computer questions. If your computer is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, you should contact them first to report the problem.

What is my quota for E-Mail and Data? 

Faculty and staff are given 2GB of space for E-mail and are given 200MB of space for storing data on our networked servers.

What happens when I go "over quota"? 

When you go over quota for email you will not be able to send or receive messages. When you go over quota for storing data you will not be able to access your files. To resolve either of these issues please contact the Technology Services Desk at 641-269-4901 or submit a question.

Where are networked printers located on campus? 

Networked (shared) printers are located in all academic support offices, most administrative office areas and in the following public computer areas: ARH 107, ARH 124, A-V Center, GIS Plotter - Library (jobs are sent and printed by the library staff), Burling Library 1st and 2nd floor, Interactive Instructional facility in the Burling basement, Digital Liberal Arts Laboratory, Lazier Hall, Norris Hall, Read Hall, Younker Hall, and the Rosenfield Center email kiosk area. 

How can I tell what printers are available to me? How do I change my default printer? 

The steps for this are different depending on the type of computer you are using. Contact the Technology Services Desk at 641-269-4901 or submit a question.

Are there any scanners on campus that can be used?

Yes, there are scanners in the Burling Library, the Digital Liberal Arts Lab in the Forum, and in the AV Center in the Alumni Recitation Hall (ARH).

Does ITS provide training on software applications? 

ITS provides training through the service LinkedIn Learning.

Additional training opportunities are listed on the Human Resources website.


What email programs are available for me to use on campus?

A variety of email programs can be configured to access your Grinnell email account. Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird are just a few. You can also access email via Outlook Web Access.

What amount of email quota am I given?

Faculty and staff are given 2.0GB of email quota. Warnings are issued at 1.95 GB, and email prohibits sending at 1.99 GB, you can not receive or send at 2.0 GB.

What happens to my email messages if I exceed my email quota? 

When exceeding mail quota, your mail messages will not be delivered to your mailbox. They will be returned to the sender, with a note telling the sender that your mailbox is not available to take delivery of the message. The sender will need to resend the message in its entirety once your mailbox function is restored.

I have exceeded my email quota. What do I do now?

When you exceed your mail quota, remove messages to reduce the amount of storage for your email. Check your Sent Items, Deleted Items and permanently delete unnecessary messages. Save any large attachments to your hard drive and delete the message and attachment from all folders. You can contact Technology Services Desk at 641-269-4901 for assistance or submit a question.

How do I access my email from off-campus? 

You can access your email from any internet connection by using the Outlook Web program.

How can I have my email forwarded from Grinnell to a different email address?

We do not provide email forwarding.

My email password expired. How can I get a new one?

In order to change your password you must register at Password Reset. You can check your account and manage your password through this service. You may contact the Technology Services Desk at 641-269-4901 for assistance in gaining a new password if you are unable to access Password Reset. You may need to visit the ITS main office with a photo ID before your email password can be changed. The Technology Services Desk cannot look up your old password.

Campus Photocopiers & FAX Machines

Who can I contact if our office copier or fax needs repair/service?

To request repair or service for your photocopier, call the Technology Services Desk at 641-269-4901.

I've heard that photocopiers can be connected to computers so that documents sent through a network will print directly onto the photocopier. Is this true and can we enable that technology on our campus? 

Some photocopiers, though not all, are equipped with the means to allow connectivity to a network. At this point in time, the product of a laser printer is crisper, cleaner, and more professional than that of most photocopiers. It is important that the College produce and distribute documents that convey a professional image. While a photocopier works well when additional documents are needed quickly, this method produces less than satisfactory documents on College stationery. For these reasons, the College will continue to utilize direct-to-laser print technology.

Faculty-Specific Questions

I would like to introduce technology into my class. What resources are available to me?

Academic technologists are available to assist you with technology implementation in the classroom/laboratory. Find more information on the Digital Liberal Arts Collaborative staff and their services.

I'm looking for web resources to use in the classroom. Where can I get help with this? 

You may receive help in locating information on the Internet by contacting one of the reference librarians in Burling Library. The reference librarians are available at 641-269-3353 or by email.

I want to use an email listserv in my class. How do I set one up?

To set up a listserv, contact the Technology Services Desk at 641-269-4901 or submit a question.

I need a certain software package. How can I find out if it is available on campus?

To get a list of software supported by ITS, contact the Technology Services Desk at 641-269-4901 or submit a question.

How do I obtain software packages and computer hardware for use in my office to support my teaching? 

New software and hardware requests may be directed to the Technology Services Desk at 641-269-4901 or submit a question.

Can I reserve one of the public computer labs or one of the instructional computing classrooms for use in my classes? 

Reservations of public computer labs is handled by a variety of campus offices, depending on the day, time and lab you would like to reserve. Contact Conference Operations at 641-269-3178 to inquire about a reservation contact.

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