College-Wide Learning Outcomes

The Grinnell College Faculty has endorsed the following six learning outcomes as a basis for our learning assessment activities:

  1. Students develop creative and critical thinking skills that allow them to analyze the work of others, formulate relevant questions, and respond to those questions in a substantive way using quantitative and qualitative evidence. (Outcome 1 Details)
  2. Students develop a sense of social responsibility and fairness that guides them in their personal and professional lives. (Outcome 2 Details)
  3. Students develop the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively in various modes for various purposes and audiences. (Outcome 3 Details)
  4. Students develop the ability to continue learning independently and collaboratively. (Outcome 4 Details)
  5. Students develop the ability to approach a question from multiple perspectives, representing a diversity of ideas and experiences. (Outcome 5 Details)
  6. Students pursue a chosen field of study in depth and develop understanding of a core body of knowledge in that field as well as the ability to employ modes of inquiry appropriate to that field. (Outcome 6 Details)

College-Wide Learning Outcomes: Background Information

Department, Major or Program Learning Outcomes

These learning outcomes support one or more of these outcomes.

Additionally, as part of our present concentration on writing assessment as assigned by the Executive Council, most departments also have departmental writing outcomes.

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