Outcome 2

Outcome 2 Details

Students develop a sense of social responsibility and fairness that guides them in their personal and professional lives.

This learning outcome is expressed in many different ways, including the ability to:

  • address and respect issues of intellectual integrity such as honesty and copyright
  • incorporate service to others as a regular part of daily life
  • appreciate the importance of individual rights and the balance between them and majority rule
  • respect rules that enforce fairness, and question those that do not in a civil manner

Students can gain these skills in a variety of ways:

  • coursework that includes substantial elements of professional ethics
  • service on campus committees that guide and enforce policies and shared governance
  • service learning opportunities
  • participation in programs with significant social responsibility components such as the Prison Program, various diversity programming
  • coursework that addresses issues of societal injustice
  • internships with some non-profits

Outcome 2 Assessment Project

updated 1-19-2018

Focus Group Project


We conducted focus group interviews with student groups to answer the following questions:

  • Where in the Grinnell College curricular and co-curricular experience are students learning the skills, knowledge and attitudes related to College Wide Learning Outcome #2?
  • What does College Wide Learning Outcome #2 mean to Grinnell College students?

We analyzed the results of our semi-formal interviews using a qualitative approach which identified themes arising from student responses. Student participants confirmed that our thematic analysis accurately characterized the conversation.


  • Students learned Outcome #2 knowledge, skills and attitudes through various ways on campus including co-curricular programming, athletics, and peer-to-peer interactions.
  • Students tended to feel that Outcome #2 related to social justice and inclusiveness.