Outcome 4

Outcome 4 Details

Students develop the ability to continue learning independently and collaboratively.

This Learning Outcome is expressed in many forms, in which students gain the ability to:

  • continue learning in their field of expertise through reading, workshops, and online resources
  • learn new areas of interest without a previous background
  • approach work and personal life with an attitude that lifelong learning is possible and a desirable expectation
  • work with others to develop new skills and experience as a team

Students can gain these skills in a variety of ways:

  • independent study and MAP projects
  • research projects in courses and seminars
  • internship experiences
  • co-curricular activities that require learning, particularly in groups or teams, such as fine arts performance, athletics, or clubs
  • serving as a peer instructor
  • service on student governing bodies such as the SGA or an SEPC

Ways we might measure student achievement of this learning goal:

  • Surveys of alumni documenting ongoing learning
  • Student portfolios of independent work
  • NSSE
  • Participation rates in independent studies, MAPs, internships where appropriate
  • Participation rates in co-curricular activities with learning dimensions