Outcome 5

Outcome 5 Details

Students develop the ability to approach a question from multiple perspectives, representing a diversity of ideas and experiences.

This Learning Outcome is expressed in many forms, in which students gain the ability to:

  • address an issue from multiple disciplinary perspectives
  • listen and respond appropriately to opposing views
  • appreciate the effects of discrimination and bias on opportunities and judgment
  • describe one’s own background and context and its effects on societal perspectives
  • have some familiarity with some non-US perspectives on some global issue

Students can gain these skills in a variety of ways:

  • courses that emphasize diverse perspectives and experiences
  • off-campus study
  • community service experiences
  • service on or engagement with relevant campus organizations such as CBS, SOL, ISO, the Prison Program, or the Rosenfield Program
  • through completion of a concentration

Ways we might measure student achievement of this learning goal:

  • Alumni surveys of employment and community service involvement
  • Concentration completions
  • Program assessment surveys (e.g. Prison Program)
  • Program self-studies and reviews (e.g. Rosenfield)
  • Off-campus study participation
  • Campus climate studies
  • Transcript analysis
  • Convocation attendance
  • Service learning participation rates