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We are proud of our partnership with QuestBridge, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting high-achieving, under-served high school students with educational opportunities at some of the best colleges and universities in the U.S. Every year, QuestBridge provides low-income high school students across the U.S. with these opportunities through its College Prep Scholarship program and National College Match program. We’re also honored to participate in QuestBridge’s three National College Admissions Conferences every year.

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In their own words

Gilberto Perez

Gilberto Perez ’21

St. Louis, Missouri | Sociology and Spanish double major with a Latin American studies concentration

“Grinnell provides endless opportunities for myself to explore and pursue my interests, both inside and outside of the classroom. Using the critical thinking that I apply in the classroom, I am fascinated by continually finding connections between numerous things that I learn about.”

Tim Burnette in a greenhouse

Timber Burnette ’19

Bedford, Virginia | Biology major

“I first learned about Grinnell at the QuestBridge National College Admissions Conference I attended at Princeton the summer before my senior year. I had only heard about the school in passing, and it wasn’t really on my radar. However, I remember seeing the pamphlets at the table and talking with Patty Amador-Lacson from Admission and thinking to myself, ‘I should look into this some more.’ Nothing felt quite as right for me as Grinnell. I did not feel like my quirks fit other campus cultures. So that evening, I began looking over the Grinnell website, and I knew I wanted to attend Grinnell. The commitment to social justice and the passion for learning were what I wanted in a school. I wanted to attend a school [where students] thought critically about the world around them, no matter the topic; I wanted a breadth in curriculum, with very few required classes; but most of all, I wanted to belong to a student body where everyone is always passionate about something, where everyone brings their rich experiences to the table, where I grow as a person because of those around me.”

Linnet Adams

Linnet Adams ’21

New Orleans, Louisiana | History and German studies double major

“Grinnell was the first place in my life where I could officially declare myself ‘free.’ Free to study whatever I want. Free to interact with anyone I see. Free to live my life on my own terms. I strongly value my independence, and this school allows me to be exactly that.”

  • Cinthia Romo (video still)

    The Opportunities are Endless

    “I would say if you decide to come to Grinnell, the opportunities are endless.” Cinthia Romo ’21, a sociology/French double major with a peace & conflict studies concentration, tells us about her interests and the different organizations she is involved with at Grinnell College, including serving on the board of QuestBridge. “I could have never imagined the doors that Grinnell would open for me, or the passions it would ignite in me. Being a Grinnellian has been an extremely personally fulfilling and liberating experience that has made me a much more confident and independent individual excited for the future.”

  • Jade Bezjak

    Meet the 2019–20 Grinnell QuestBridge Liaison: Jade Bezjak ’20

    Hometown: Colorado/Arizona

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Sociology major, global development studies concentration

    Off-Campus Study: Global Learning Program (GLP) on Immigration, Refugees, and Membership in the XXI Century which traveled to California, Arizona, Mexico, Spain, Greece, and Germany (spring 2017) and a semester abroad in Durban, South Africa (fall 2018)

    Extracurriculars: Lead intern for the Grinnell Prize, sociology department student educational policy committee member (SEPC), Wilson Center advisory committee member, Student Health and Wellness driver/employee, QuestBridge liaison for the Grinnell College 2019–20 academic year.

    Why I love Grinnell: “I love that Grinnell gives me the space to explore new topics and interests while staying on course with my major and concentration requirements. I didn't even know what sociology was until I came to Grinnell and now I think and process in a completely different way because of my sociological background.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question below? Contact and we will be happy to help.

​​​​​Grinnell College does not charge anyone an application fee.

International students and undocumented or DACAmented students are eligible to apply to Grinnell College through QuestBridge for the National Match, Early Decision, or Regular Decision as long as they meet other eligibility criteria set/determined by QuestBridge.

To complete an application for admission in any round, Grinnell requires an official copy of an ACT or SAT test score. No writing scores are required. Read more about requirements to apply to Grinnell here.

Note: If a student submits several “official” score reports for an exam (i.e.: an “official” score report for each time a student sat for a test) then Grinnell will superscore the results to create a new composite score.

​​​​​Grinnell College will create a brand new score by taking the highest subscores earned by a student in each official score report sent to Grinnell. This will likely create a higher ACT composite score or combined SAT evidence-based reading and writing (ERW) + math score than one that appears on an official score report.

Grinnell College will count as official score reports received from the following sources:

  • A score report received directly from the testing agencies (i.e.: ACT or the College Board)
  • A test score on an “official” high school transcript –
    • Transcript must be sent to Grinnell College by a high school counselor or registrar (cannot come from the student directly), and
    • Transcript must show the date each test was taken and all subscores for each test sitting.
  • A complete score report sent directly to Grinnell by a guidance counselor or registrar.

Official transcripts showing test scores can be sent to us by guidance counselor or registrar using these methods:

  • via fax 641-269-4800
  • as an attachment to an email to
  • by mail to the Office of Admission — Grinnell College, 1227 Park Street, Grinnell, IA 50112

​​​​​Yes, you may apply Early Decision II (binding). If you did not match and would like to be considered for Early Decision II, please send an email to us letting us know you’d like to apply in that admission round. The ED II application deadline is January 1.

Note: Early Decision Agreement Form required. Because our Early Decision rounds are binding, to complete an Early Decision application you must have QuestBridge forward all your materials and also submit the Early Decision agreement form. You can access this agreement via the Common Application website or you can send a note to us to request a blank PDF.

​​​​​​Yes. If you apply to Grinnell College Early Decision II you are making a promise to the College that you will attend if you are admitted and withdraw all other applications for admission you may have submitted to other institutions.

Yes, you may use your QuestBridge application to apply in the Regular Decision round. Grinnell College will automatically move all applicants who tried to match with Grinnell, but who did not match into our Regular Decision round unless we hear otherwise from the student.

  • We would accept your QuestBridge application for Regular Decision even if you did not apply to Grinnell College for the match.

​​​​​Yes, you can use your QuestBridge application to apply to Grinnell College in Early Decision II or Regular Decision even if you were not named a QuestBridge Finalist.

​​​Yes, you can use your QuestBridge application to apply to Grinnell College in Early Decision II or Regular Decision even if you were not named a QuestBridge Finalist.

​​​​​This is optional. You may submit a Common Application to Grinnell College if you wish, but this is not required to complete the application.

Our primary application source is the Common Application. If you submit both the QuestBridge and Common Application, it is our policy to read the Common Application. Related materials may come from both sources, and we review each file thoroughly and holistically. If you have questions about your application documents, please send your questions to Patty Amador-Lacson.

If you submit both the FAFSA and the CSS Profile at the same time, or shortly after submitting applications for admission to Grinnell College, then we will provide you a tentative financial aid package with an offer of admission. See application deadlines.

Grinnell College meets 100% of all students’ demonstrated need. Please consult our financial aid page for more information. 

Photo of Students sitting in a field.

Our Students in Action

In the News

Iridian Guzman

Iridian Guzmán '19 Receives Stouffer Fellowship for Graduate Studies

Iridian Guzmán ’19 will pursue graduate studies leading to a Master of Public Health degree at Emory University with support from the Elsie M. Stouffer ’24 Fellowship.
kayla Estes - One of the attendees for Socioeconomic Empowerment Summit

Grinnellians Attend Socioeconomic Empowerment Summit in Chicago

Recently, with funding from the Donald and Winifred Wilson Center for Innovation and Leadership, a group of Grinnellians were able to attend the first ever annual Socioeconomic Empowerment Summit in Chicago.
Goldwater recipients 2018

Goldwater Scholarship Foundation Honors Two Grinnell College Students

Rachel Bass ’19 and Timothy Burnette ’19 were selected for their academic achievements. The award was designed to foster and encourage outstanding students to pursue careers in the fields of mathematics, the natural sciences, and engineering.

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