Meet the Staff

Beyond polite invitations.

We know the college application process can feel overwhelming. Above all, it’s about finding the school that’s the right fit for you, and it looks like you’re wondering if Grinnell might just be the place. That’s why our admission staff is devoted to making the whole process as straightforward, transparent, and helpful as possible. If you’re meant to be a Grinnellian, we’re here to provide the resources and guidance to make that happen. Ready? So are we.

Joe Bagnoli

Joseph Bagnoli, Jr.
Vice President for Enrollment, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid

Campus Phone: 641-269-3600

Brad Lindberg

Brad Lindberg
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment

Campus Phone: 641-269-3600

Sarah Fischer

Sarah Fischer
Director of Admission

Campus Phone: 641-269-4397

Territory: Missouri (excluding Kansas City), Texas (Austin and San Antonio)

Patty Amador-Lacson

Patty Amador-Lacson
Associate Director of Admission and Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment

Campus Phone: 641-269-3611

Territory: Alabama, Arkansas, California (Southern), Delaware, District Of Columbia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia, West Virginia

Nicole Armstead

Nikki Armstead
Admission Data and Operations Administrator

Campus Phone: 641-269-3610

Rachel Arsenault

Rachel D. Arseneault ’10
Senior Assistant Director of Admission and Coordinator of Campus Visits and Events

Campus Phone: 641-269-3003

Territory: Oregon

Jon Edwards

Jonathan C. Edwards 
Senior Associate Director of Admission and Coordinator of International Recruitment

Campus Phone: 641-269-3614

Territory: International

Tina Elfenbein

Tina Elfenbein
Associate Director of Admission

Campus Phone: 641-269-3612

Territory: California (Northern), Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York City, Rhode Island

Pieter Hansen

Pieter Hansen ’19
Admission Counselor

Campus Phone: 641-269-3682

Territory: Maryland, New York (excluding New York City), North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Wisconsin

Grace Lloyd

Grace Lloyd ’16
Assistant Director of Admission

Campus Phone: 641-269-3619

Territory: Chicago (North Shore, Evanston, Skokie, and Northwest suburbs), Colorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Christian Morris

Christian Morris ’18
Admission Counselor

Campus Phone: 641-269-3031

Territory: Chicago (City of Chicago, South, and Southwest suburbs), Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Tennessee

Emma O'Polka

Emma O'Polka ’12
Admission Counselor 

Campus Phone: 641-269-4301

Territory: Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas (including Kansas City), Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas (excluding San Antonio and Austin), Utah, Wyoming


Katherine Tucker

Katherine Tucker ’16
Senior Admission Counselor and Coordinator of Transfer Admission

Campus Phone: 641-269-3605

Territory: Homeschool students, Chicago (Western suburbs), Connecticut, Illinois (outside of Chicagoland), Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, Vermont

Sarah White

Sarah M. White
Senior Associate Director of Admission

Campus Phone: 641-269-3616

Territory: Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, Washington

Scott Baumler

Scott Baumler
Enrollment Systems Analyst

Campus Phone: 641-269-3622

Melinda Drees

Melinda J. Drees
Technical Assistant

Campus Phone: 641-269-3607

Travis Hanson-Pollock

Travis Hanson-Pollock
Technical Assistant

Campus Phone: 641-269-3617

Jana Pelham

Jana Pelham
Administrative Support Assistant

Campus Phone: 641-269-3600

Kelly Terlouw

Kelly Terlouw
Technical Assistant

Campus Phone: 641-269-3620

Financial Aid

Megan Jones
Financial Aid Counselor

Campus Phone: 641-269-4227
Rita Milner

Rita Milner
Financial Aid Assistant

Campus Phone: 641-269-3250

Revae Nelson

Revae Nelson
Associate Director of Financial Aid

Campus Phone: 641-269-3250

Mary Phipps

Mary Phipps
Data and Process Specialist

Campus Phone: 641-269-3608


Pam Sittig

Pam Sittig
Director of Financial Aid

Campus Phone: 641-269-3250

Gretchen Zimmerman

Gretchen Zimmermann
Associate Director of Financial Aid and Stewardship

Campus Phone: 641-269-3250

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