The Sociology Department at Grinnell College seeks to develop in students the
sociological knowledge and skills that will enable them to think critically and
imaginatively about society and social issues. Serving students directly and
society indirectly, the department encourages a commitment to social justice
based on an appreciation of social and intellectual diversity and an awareness of
social inequality.

Sociology, the scientific study of human behavior in social groups, seeks to understand
how people interact, how they organize themselves in social groups, and how this
organization changes. Courses in sociology focus on forms of social organization
and social processes, in our own and other cultures, and on the theoretical and
methodological approaches sociologists use to understand those forms. Courses
contribute to critical, intelligent understanding of how the social world operates
essential insight for any liberally educated person in a complex and rapidly changing

If you are interested in social justice, understanding how and why societies work
they way they do, and willing and eager to challenge your existing conceptions of the
world today, welcome home. The field of sociology offers you the flexibility to explore
whatever it is about human nature and society that intrigues you.